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Length:73*19*6.5cm(with stock 82cm)

Handguard:Aluminum 14 inch

Muzzle Speed : 131 m/s(6mm 0.2gBB)

With muzzle brake


*Punisher Series standard - Trident electronic fire

 control sysytem.

*It's equipped with Poseidon patented air cushion

 inner barrel, having a high range at low initial velocity.

*Folding front and rear sight use lightweight plastic.

*The body is made of nylon and fiber,impact resistant

 and lightweight.

*Ambidextrous selector switch, no troubles to switch

 left and right.

*Equiped with quick spring release system.

*Vertical trigger make the withhold more intuitive.

*Batwing style charging handle for faster control.

*Increase the trigger guard, it won't be stuck wearing


*Grip is ergonomic and non-slip.

*Strengthen the second generation gearbox, no problem

 with subsequent updating.

*Comes with Dean connector and Tamiya adaptor for

 dual-use battery plugs.

*With one 180 rds silent magazine.


Function introduction of Trident electronic fire control system :

  1. Automatic detection od faults.
  2. Automatic protection.
  3. Burst mode
  4. sniper mode
  5. two-stage adjustment trigger sensitivity


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